Online Aromatherapy and Botanical Perfumery Courses and Trainings

Online Aromatherapy courses and classes

If you love PsychoAromatherapy and Botanical Perfumery, and you would like to deepen your knowledge about essential oils, their blending, and their inner and spiritual meaning, you can follow a private online coaching and training with me, via Skype.

This Master Training is available to all people truly interested in a holistic and spiritual perspective on essential oils. My aim for you is to lead you on a deeper understanding of olfaction, perception, and how essential oils can really impact your life and your work, if you use them in a professional way.

Also a great part of the training is about you, how can you use essential oils for your own spiritual and emotional wellbeing. A basic concept of this Master is that “what we want to apply to others, we need to test on ourselves”. So to understand how the energetic and emotional use of aromatherapy and olfactory creativity can impact our clients and students, we need to experience it by ourselves.

The private coaching and training is in 10 lessons, one hour each, and between lessons you will have some homework to do. I recommend two classes each month, so you will complete this step in 5 months. Longer trainings are also available.

If you’re interested, please write me to, and we will meet on Skype by appointment to decide together which training can be the best for you. This is a tailored coaching, so each student is given maximun attention and personalization.