My Vision

Writing about Aromatherapy, Botanical Perfumery and OlfactotherapyCreative Commons License Joel Montes de Oca via Compfight


In this era we are all called to share our talents and gifts, to sustain ourselves and others in their path. This blog is a place where you can find reflections, inspiration, and a spiritual point of view about aromatherapy and perfumery.

My personal goal is to support those who feel within themselves a true and authentic appeal to Nature, and would love to deepen their understanding of aromatherapy, scents, and their emotional and spiritual impact on people and on the environment.

Scents are a way of expression, we can use them as colors for painting perfumes. These perfumes are works of our soul, way to express feelings that are not easy to express in words.

In all these years I have seen people with no olfactory experience creating perfumes with essential oils that were perfect expressions of who they are; our inner voice can be helped to “talk” through botanical scents. My method, “Scents and Consciousness” works in this direction: I lead people to express themselves through blending essential oils and understanding the emotional and spiritual impact of essential oils. I also train professionals who want to apply these concepts and method to their work, to facilitate their students and clients in their personal growth.

Let’s synchronize together on a concept, called “Win-Win”: that is, establish relationships that are an asset to us and to others, creating connections and active support. It’s time to prosper together…we can support Nature, and Nature will support us.