My story

Hi there! I am here to tell you a little bit of my personal story. I am here also to tell you what I see for our future, and why it is so important now to develop an inner path, and to learn aromatherapy in a spiritual and holistic perspective.

Actually I offer workshops and trainings in PsychoAromatherapy and Botanical Perfumery; I teach them also referring to Ayurveda, Hyppocrates philosophy, and Bach Flowers.

The trainings I offer are moments of personal growth and learning, where you can experience creativity, joy, inspiration and olfactory education.

I have been teaching ayurvedic massage for twelve years, and during these years I have learned what “massage” really means. Getting close to massage means to discover “Contact”. Contact is a skill we all have, and that we mostly have forgotten. Think about an hug, Massage is a hug, in some way.

I lived for many years in a place of solitude and pain – I lost my parents when I was 20 years old, I was studying at University and I didn’t know how to manage my life. Than Life gifted me Ayurveda…and Aromatherapy…and I heard something that was calling me, something that can help and heal me. Maybe is the same voice that is calling you today.

Aromatherapy has been love at first sight, that during the years has led me to develop an entire method for the Olfactory Education as an Inner Path. This method, called “Scents and Consciousness” is applied to all my trainings in Aromatherapy and Botanical Perfumery, in a subtle and spiritual perspective.

Essential oils, contact, discipline, perseverance in loving and doing what I truly believe has shaped me as a human being first, and then as a professional. Today, after many years of experience, I offer trainings that are also moments of inner growth, and are in groups and individual, in presence and online.

For foreign students, an individual training and coaching via Skype is available, you can read more about it here.

Aromatherapy and botanical Perfumery trainings

In Italy I collaborate with:

Perfume Museum in Venice, at Palazzo Mocenigo in San Stae;

Officinali di Montauto, corso Magenta 12, Milano;

CFC, Scuola Centro Formazione Competenze, recognized by Tuscany region, at Lido di Camaiore;

Campari Academy, Milano;

Seven Grams, Milano.

I was 16 years old when for the first time I heard about Ayurveda and attended a meditation class. Now I am 42, and I am happy to share all that I have learn through studying and experiencing, and to live a constant research that is now for me a lifestyle. If you feel that these words resonate in you, I will be happy to meet you and evalute together a training that can be for you of support.

See you soon!

Aromatherapy and Botanical Perfumery trainings