Cardamom and Rose, Essential Oils for the Heart and Breath

In these days I am smelling Cardamom essential oil, in all its beauty and power. This spice is very common in oriental and middle east cultures, and it is known mostly for its digestive effect.

The essential oil present a mixed olfactory profile, with a sweet part, a balsamic note, and a green herbal note with an “earthy” background. When you smell it, you breath better, and although it is mostly known for its antispasmodic and carminative effects, personally I find it very interesting for its respiratory benefits.

Rose essential oil

Its smell can be added to Rosa Damascena essential oil, obtaining a special heart synergy. Cardamom brings a feeling of opening (an opening that is in some way restrained, because the feeling is of something liberating but with composure) while Rose with all its floral beauty, elevates the blend and the final smell is more “round” and appealing.

Rose and Cardamom together can be a synergy to diffuse in your environment, or they can be a first step for blending a personal perfume. When we use these notes, we obtain a synergy that opens the breath and the heart, leaving a sense of stability and presence.

If you feel stressed, or with low inner energy, this synergy can support you, giving you energy and soul stamina…the power and stability of the spice added to the floral and rich Rose energy will give you support when “heart energy” and breath are needed.

[This synergy is indicated to people without respiratory problems.]