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Aromatherapy and Botanical Perfumery

Hi! Happy to meet you here, in this online place…Welcome!

My name is Elena Cobez, I am an Aromatherapy and Botanical Perfumery expert based in Milano, Italy. I have been teaching Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic massage for 12 years, then I chose to focus completely on Aromatherapy and Botanical Perfumery. So I begun to share my knowledge through an italian speaking blog. and doing Aromatherapy and Perfumery trainings in Italy.

After that,  I felt I would love to share internationally my passion, knowledge and experience. This blog is for you, and I am very glad that you are here today.

My aim is to support people who feel a connection with Nature and would love to deepen their understanding of Emotional Aromatherapy and Botanical Perfumery.

Studying Nature is an inner path, and so it is intended in my method and work.

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