Aromatherapy and Space Clearing: Essential oils for Cleaning Spaces in and around You

Space Clearing is a process, with whom we can create Space, at home, or at the office, and making this clearing, we understand our gestures are symbolic, and so we are not only clearing a place, or making order, but we are clearing and making order letting go something inside us.

This awareness makes the difference, and let us appreciate these moments, that are not always easy.

Aromatherapy and Space clearing

We are full of things in our homes, of every shape and valute…Sometimes we can be overwhelmed by things…and maybe we throw all these things in a storage closet – and don’t open it very often.We amass, and we don’t notice it. Actually all this stuff only fill our places, and moreover, this stuff fill our mind and our lives.

So one day we awake and by clearing our spaces we feel a sense of breathing and wellbeing…

If you resonate with all this, here you have some steps to follow:

1- Choose a place that you want to clear;

2- Take all your time for doing this: it is an inner exercise;

3- During you clearing you can use also this aromatic recipe

100 ml distilled water

10 drops Lavender essential oil

10 drops Mint essential oil

5 drops Sweet Orange essential oil

and use it on shelves, drawers, and where you want to clean, using also a clean rag. Essential oils are not dissolving in water, so shake the product a little before using it.

4- You don’t have to throw everything away – it is an exercise for understanding what is for you really important;

5- Let memories emerge, and go ahead…

6- For the emotional aspect of clearing you can use also this recipe:

5 drops Mint essential oil

5 drops Tangerine essential oil

5 drops Lemon essential oil

7. Don’t worry…be happy! Clearing spaces in you and around you, you are letting the Universe to give you something more and new…!

If you apply these steps, let me know how it goes…I am making Space too!