An Olfactory Path in Zona Tortona Design Week in Milano

If you like creativity and you want to see and try new ideas, the Fuori Salone del Mobile of “Zona Tortona” in Milano is certainly one of the most interesting areas to visit. As I do every year, I have spent a full day to visit a part of this area, with a precise intention: “moving along guided by my sense of smell”.
The first discovery I have done, in the Superstudio spaces, is the Hyundai’s  installation with music and light. The only perfume in the air is the smell of people. An oniric place that I liked very much, where you can be transported by visual and musical impressions…beautiful.
Here we are…
An olfactory path in Zona Tortona Design Week
I explore the other stands, discovering beautiful interactive installations, as the Cotto’s one, where you can see yourself with angel wings thanks to computer technology. From an olfactory point of view, no one of this places show an olfactive thought.
I arrive in the Thailand stand. The gentle lady at the desk has in front of her a plate of spices and two culinary specialities that most people ask to eat, without noticing that these plates are there only as an exhibition. And so finally I smell spices and watch photos that remind traditional markets. Very near I smell a perfume; I watch around me  to understand if there is anybody wearing a perfume, but no, this time we have a timid presence of a perfumery brand from Thailand.
Spices and Perfumes at Zona Tortona Design Week
I realize how much attention brands have for visual, interactive and environmental aspects in this expositions, leaving as olfactory component the smell of human beings with jackets, t-shirts, coats…and then in this pilgrimage, from very far I  notice some bottles and distillation equipment. Wow! I’ve found a collegue! We begin to talk, and so they tell me they are scent designers. They work with environmental perfumes mostly (the lady gives me a coffee fragrance, well, if they were able to diffuse this, we could imagine to be in a coffee shop). To put this idea to an extreme edge, these artists created a scented map of Milano, where they created perfumes for the streets…
Here you can see a simple distillation equipment…
Perfumery and Scents at Tortona Design Week
Looking at this map where instead of tail pipes there are ultrasonic diffusers, for a moment I imagine this project as realized, and people waliking in the street with pleasure instead of running away. A new Milano where people could remain in the week end (normally many people “escape” to Liguria, or to Garda and Como lakes) because “this week end in via Dante they diffuse a new blend” or “because this morning we go to that coffee shop near the diffuser of jasmin and rose scent”. Utopia?
You can check their works at and